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Armavir cardboard factory “ACF” is one of the largest producers of flat layer cardboard of various formats and paper for corrugation in the South of Russia.



We guarantee stable and productive cooperation with our partners and business colleagues


Our company has extensive experience in the field of environmentally friendly production and recycling of waste paper


The staff of highly qualified workers ensures a decent quality of products


We value our brand and credibility, so we choose the best for our customers


Production of cardboard products takes place on the territory of our factory, which is located outside the city, which reduces the risks of chemical effects on animals and people.

Production is carried out by competent and trained employees working with high-class and modern equipment.

That is why the product of the company “ACF” always turns out to be first-class and high-quality.

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The company “ACF” works on the market of manufacturers and suppliers of technical cardboard, corrugated cardboard and corrugated packaging in Russia and CIS countries since 2005. During its existence, the factory has managed to consolidate its position in the industry and establish itself as a reliable business partner. At each stage of cardboard production, experts monitor the quality of our products, so that our customers are always satisfied with the finished product. For customers, we provide a wide range of products, technical cardboard and corrugated packaging of any complexity at the request of the customer. We value our customers and choose an individual approach to each of them.
The team of the ACF plant consisting of 95 highly qualified workers and managers always performs the work assigned to it accurately and diligently. Our staff is our support and foundation, which always performs its task perfectly.


Purchase of waste paper

A specially selected method of cardboard manufacturing using modern production equipment allows us to turn waste paper into high-quality raw materials for the production of our products.

  • Method of additional earnings for people
  • Conservation of valuable wood resources
  • Environmental protection method
  • Focus on paper recycling
  • Reduction of pulp waste
  • Expensive waste paper purchase


Armavir cardboard factory “ACF” is a modern and modernized factory for the production of cardboard products of different types, sizes and densities. Our company, which keeps up with the times, has at its disposal mobile and large-sized equipment that allows employees to just manage the process of production and processing of paper and cardboard.

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We offer our customers and buyers high-quality products in various formats:

Roll length: from 600mm to 2200mm.

Main formats: 850mm, 950mm, 1050mm, 1100mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 2100mm, 2200mm.

Paper density: 100, 110, 125, 140, 160.


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“Armavir Cardboard Factory” invites employees of the production Department and managers to cooperate. Working in our company means stable and clean earnings, favorable working conditions, and a friendly and welcoming team. It is in our company that you will find a long-term and fruitful union of employer and employee. You can apply for a vacant position directly on our website.

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On our website, you can submit a request for acceptance of your waste paper by the “ACF” factory. After filling in all the data, our employees will contact you to fulfill your request.
Handing in waste paper - you are doing a useful thing!